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10 FREE tools to hone your edge

Note: this is not a sponsored post – the tweet thread reflects 0xPhillan’s and Web3edge’s opinions on great free tools to use.

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In his Twitter thread, @0xPhillan shares 10 free and lesser known tools you can use to help sharpen your edge in Web3. He breaks down the tools by what they are used for, who they are for, and what kind of data access the tools provide you. For the full list of tools, check out the Web3edge resources page.

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Charles Hoskinsen, Creator of Cardano, sees CBDCs as a threat to individual financial freedom

Check out the full piece on The Daily Hodl

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are digital tokens issued by a central bank that have the same value as the fiat currency issued by that bank. For example, the US Dollar could have a “Digital” US Dollar that has exactly the same value as the physical currency equivalent. Phrased differently: US$1 =Digital US$1.

Charles Hoskinson argues that CBDCs are the “single-most dangerous innovation that we’ve ever seen in monetary policy”. CBDCs not only give full transparency to central banks and governments about who spends money on what, but also gives them the power to move or destroy any person’s digital assets at any time.

He calls CBDCs:

“…a system where we hand an unlimited monopoly to somebody at any moment to have total control over your entire financial autonomy and your economic access.”

This opens up the possibilities to censorship and oppression, as political groups could use that power to mess with people’s livelihoods that do not agree with their views.

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Chainlink and SWIFT develop proof-of-concept enabling TradFi to Web3 interoperability

Check out the announcement on Twitter or check out Chainlink’s blog post covering key content from SmartCon 2022

SWIFT is an international cooperative that runs one of the largest payment networks for capital markets, payments, FX and trades. It is a TradFi (traditional finance) behemoth that claims 11,000 banks are connected to their international payment network.

In cooperation with Chainlink, SWIFT developed a proof-of-concept that uses the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) to enable SWIFT messages to instruct on-chain token transfers.

What does this mean for Web3? While this is only a proof-of-concept, it is a first step to enabling more seamless interoperability between TradFi and Web3 markets.

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